Thursday, June 9, 2011

"If You Believe" by Kristin Hannah

If You Believe by Kristin Hannah is an historical novel about love.  Three lonely people find each other, Mariah, Mad Dog, and Jake.  Although very predictable, I enjoyed this book because of the issues Mariah and Mad Dog both had.  Jake following his dad hoping for a happy reunion was heartwarming.  Rass, Mariah’s father, was my favorite character because of his concern for his daughter and his kindness toward Mad Dog and Jake.  He kept seeking to improve his relationship with his daughter and help her let go of the past so she could enjoy the present and the future before he died.  I loved the banter between Mariah and Mad Dog.  This book was predictable right from the start but has wit, warmth, humor, sex and heartbreak which kept my interest. 

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  1. I am keeping a list of the ones by Kristin Hannah I want to read, i'm not sure this one is for me.

  2. I liked the other ones I've read by her better but maybe that's just because I'm not that big on romance novels which is what this one is, although it does have more to it than just that. The one I'm reading now is very good--"Magic Hour."


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