Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Magic Hour" by Kristin Hannah

This kept Karen up Late!
Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah is a fascinating and heartwarming read about two sisters who help a little missing girl that doesn't talk who just showed up in the small town of Rain Valley up in a tree with a wolf pup.

Julia is a psychiatrist whose reputation is shot and has lost her clients and her confidence because of it but who returns to her home town when her sister, Ellie-the chief of police, calls her for help with the "wolf girl." 

I liked this book very much.  I was fascinated at how Julia fell in love with the little "wolf girl" and helped her begin to talk again.  It was heart-breaking when after she decided to adopt the girl that her biological father came for her.  Julia and Ellie both struggled with being professional and their strong attachment to the girl.  When they found out about the dad's prison record, giving her up was even harder.  This is one of the few books that I looked forward to reading to see what would happen next and stayed up late to finish it.  I highly recommend this one!

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  1. This book does sound very good! I'm reading her book Winter Garden right now. I'm only 100 pages in and it's a slow start but I'm sure it'll be good just like all her other books.

  2. This one does sound good, I enjoy books about a charcter that doesn't speak. I will definitely try this one of hers.

  3. Great review.... I am definately going to look into getting this book... It sounds amazing... :-)

  4. Beaded Tail: Yes, this one does drag a bit but if you like stories about interpersonal relationships with a bit of mystery, you'll like it. The writing in this one reminds me of Belva Plain's books if you've read any of those.

    Marce: You will love this book then!

    Debra's Book Cafe: Thanks, I loved this book and am sure you will too.


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