Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Southern Comfort" by Fern Michaels

Southern Comfort by Fern Michaels is a good read loaded with humor.  Tick is a good cop, loyal and loving family man, but when he gets home from work one day to find his wife and children murdered, he turns to booze and becomes a beach bum in Mango Key.  He sobers up but likes living on the beach with just his talking parrot that chose to live with him.  It’s pretty deserted except for down about a mile is a building called “that place” by the villagers.  He’s lived there for eight years in peace and quiet until he sees a fabricated building on “his” beach.  The DEA suspects there may be a drug operation going on at “that place” and sends two former female agents, Kate and Sandy, to just keep an eye on the place and report any activity, as well as on Tick.  Tick’s twin brother comes to visit him to try to get Tick back into living.  To make things interesting, Lawrence Tyler, Kate’s former supervisor, is pretty much hated by his colleagues who are trying to get him kicked out of the DEA because he mistreats people and is a glory hound, taking credit for the successes of others.  The dialogue between Lawrence and Kate is entertaining.

I enjoyed this book because of the humor, the intriguing storyline with the investigation into the crime, and the dynamics between Lawrence and his colleagues.  The parrot was funny and the romance helped balance out the intensity of the blackmail and human trafficking.  This would be a great beach read!
(Karen's review)

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