Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Playing Dead" by Julia Heaberlin

Playing Dead by Julia Heaberlin had me baffled.  Tommie, a child psychiatrist, returns to her childhood home in Ponder, Texas, after her dad, a former U.S. Marshal and rancher died and has a nice reunion with her younger sister and niece.  Her mother is sick and institutionalized.  Tommie learns that there are family secrets she knew nothing of and the biggest shock is that her father really isn’t her biological father and that her parents kept this from her.  Not only that, but when digging to find the truth about her identity, she discovers her biological father is a mobster doing time in prison a short distance away for murdering an entire family!  Nice, huh?  She gets a letter in the mail from a lady in Chicago that says she thinks Tommie is her daughter who was kidnapped as a very young child and would like for her to come and visit so they could meet.  This lady is the mobster’s wife and a real nutcase.  My favorite part was when she was at the library and the FBI followed her so were there to rescue her from the mobster who was threatening her because she was digging up the past that they wanted left alone.

This is a story with lots of twists and turns that got me a bit confused.  I don’t know how Tommie managed to keep it all straight but she did, even when her life was threatened on a couple occasions by the rival mob of her imprisoned father.  I liked the happy surprise ending and didn’t see it coming.  I couple things I didn’t understand though—how Jack Smith—the phony reporter could just get into Tommie’s house anytime he wanted and what Rosalind was after.  If you read this, maybe you could explain this to me.  Although this book is shocking with lots of surprises along the way, it seemed to kind of drag along.   
(Karen's review)

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