Wednesday, October 14, 2020

"Loving a Rebel: The Preacher's Daughters" by Linda Ford

Loving a Rebel by Linda Ford is a western romance that I enjoyed very much.  Flora, a preacher's adopted daughter, is a bit of a rebel who loves adventure.  One day she is riding her horse and discovers some man is following her so she rides faster.  A snowstorm comes up and she gets lost and her horse is lame.  Fortunately, she comes upon a house.  Kade is a rancher who lives alone and because of his past, is very cautious.  He feels sorry for Flora and gives her shelter even though she is reluctant to stay with him over night.  She knows if her father finds out, he will force them to get married!  

I liked this because it is a clean romance with no sex scenes at all and likeable characters.  Both Kade and Flora are stuck in their pasts until they open their hearts to each other.  (Karen's review, 4 stars) 

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