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"Pretty Baby" by Mary Kubica--Different Opinions on this one! (UPDATED)

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica centers on a charitable woman named Heidi who helps stray cats.  One day she sees a teen girl holding a baby at a train station and decides to take her in for just one night, assuming she's homeless.  This novel is told by multiple points of view which I thought made the story that much better.  The real good thing is the multiple story lines.  You do not really know what to expect next!  This is a page turner that is well worth reading, enjoy!
(Gerard's review, 5 stars)

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica is a contemporary psychological thriller that is sad and heartbreaking. This novel combines the sad stories of Heidi Wood, a married woman with a 12-yr.-old daughter and Willow, a homeless teen girl with a baby. Their paths cross and Heidi opens her home to Willow and the baby in spite of objections from her husband and daughter.

The reader is gradually given bits and pieces of Heidi’s and Willow’s pasts as the current events unfold which culminate into a good ending. I liked Heidi at the beginning but as the book went along, I liked her less and less. I liked Willow though and felt sorry for her throughout the book. This book portrays the social worker as incompetent and totally repulsive behavior on the part of Willow’s foster dad. This book was very disturbing to me because of the content. I thought it was an interesting read and didn’t have any clue as to how it would end so wanted to keep reading. 
 (Karen's review, 3 stars)

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  1. Sounds like one I need to pick up or add to my wishlist at least! Great review!


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