Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Black Ice" by Becca Fitzpatrick (UPDATED)

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick is told by Britt who decides to do some mountain climbing with her girlfriend. When a bad snow storm forces them to seek shelter, they come to a cabin that has two young men in it.  When they are invited in, they soon become hostages!

I thought this book was very good!  I enjoyed the story line and the twists at the end that I did not see coming that really set the stage for the ending!
(Gerard's review, 10/9/15, 5++ stars)

Karen's review, 10/16/15, 4 stars:
Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick was a kind of fun read because the characters were all sort of strange. It is about Britt and Korbie, senior high girls, going to hike in the mountains during their spring break and stay at Korbie’s family’s cabin. Korbie’s older brother, Calvin who is very familiar with the mountains, was going to meet them there. He is also Britt’s ex-boyfriend who she is still obsessed with after 8 months. He stood her up on prom night and she has never forgiven him, so wants to impress him with her wilderness skills that she studied about in preparation for this trip. When they get caught in a snowstorm in the mountains and have no cell phone reception, they look for shelter and find a cabin with two guys in their early 20s who let them in.

The girls both seemed ditzy to me but it was kind of fun trying to guess who was the good guy of the three in the story. The story is far-fetched and I didn’t understand why Shane and Mason aka Ace/Jude were hostile towards the girls. They could have just been nice the whole time, the girls would have willingly shared their supplies and they could all leave after the storm. Even though I didn’t care for the main character because she was a big liar, immature for a senior, and a big flirt, I stuck with it and finished the book. It’s a light psychological thriller that did keep my interest and was entertaining.

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