Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Child of the State" by Catherine Lea

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Child of the State by Catherine Lea got my attention right from the start!  It is fast-paced about a young mother getting out of prison early through a new state program initiated by Elizabeth McClaine, a socialite.  Stacy is the first prisoner to get chosen for this program; however, she runs as soon as she gets a chance, wanting to make sure her son is okay.  She was threatened in prison because she believes her friend was murdered by someone connected to a drug operation in the prison.  Elizabeth believes in Stacy and wants to help her, believing she must have had a good reason to run.

I liked this book, it was interesting, exciting, suspenseful and moved along well.  The only part I really didn't understand completely was the drug operation with the prison.  I liked the ending.
(Karen's review, 4 stars)   

Teaser from prologue page 1:  Amy knew she should have gone to Stacy the second she'd opened the box.  All night she'd lain there in her cot, listening to every sound, frightened they'd come after her, and wondering who else knew.

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