Wednesday, April 25, 2018

"Blood Song" by Anthony Ryan--Husband Loved It, Wife Hated It!

In Blood Song by Anthony Ryan, Vaelin is only ten when his father takes him to join the sixth order.  The sixth Order is devoted to battle to protect the realm and the faith!  The book is told by the point of view of Vaelin.  I really enjoyed the first part of the book when he goes through training exercises with his band of brothers.  There is good action in this book with some twists that surprised me.  At 575 pages, this is no light read to say the least, but I was caught up in it and pretty much enjoyed it all!
(Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

Karen's review, 4/25/18:
Blood Song by Anthony Ryan is like a marathon; I was so glad when I finally finished it! This is a fantasy that I really did not like much at all—only a few parts. It’s about Vaelien who is sent to the Sixth Order to learn to kill, supposedly to defend the faith and the realm. Part I was the best in my opinion, and then it went downhill from there. It is filled with fighting, murder, betrayal, and war.

Here are the few things I liked:
1) The training at the Sixth Order.
2) Vaelien’s relationship with sister Sherin, Snowdance (a huge cat that was in it very little).
3) Vaelien’s Valarian slave-hound named Scratch, and his horse named Spit.

Here are the things I did not like:
1) The writing was hard to follow because it kept going back and forth from present to past and often I had to reread passages to figure out who was speaking.
2) Too many characters and then some even were called by several different names!
3) Characters I really liked got killed.
4) The names were hard to remember.
5) I had a hard time understanding how the magic worked.
6) The whole plot was hard for me to follow.
7) Lots of different countries to keep straight and I didn’t really understand what the war was all about—it made no sense to me.
8) The ending was horrible! I felt so let down and that I wasted so much time reading this.  The only good part of the ending was when he let Spit run free!

I know I am in the minority on this book, it got lots of very good reviews. However, I was extremely disappointed in it and therefore give it just 2 stars. I will not be continuing on with this series.

Teaser from pg. 29:  "Your first day in the Order is over," he told them.  "It is a rule of the Order that you can leave in the morning if you wish.  It will only get harder from now on so think carefully."

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. To find books on a specific topic, scroll to the bottom and click on the topic you want. Happy Reading!

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