Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"Unpunished" by Lisa Black

Unpunished by Lisa Black is the sequel to That Darkness. This is a murder mystery about four employees of the Herald, a Cleveland newspaper who were murdered and two other murders of people who did not work there. These murders were sometimes quite gruesome! Jack Renner is again on the case and Maggie, the forensics tech is working with him on the same murders. Everyone at the paper is worried about losing their jobs as the written newspapers become extinct and rumors fly about another company taking them over. Did Jack stop killing like he promised Maggie and what is going on at the paper where all these employees are being murdered? Will Maggie be able to keep her secret?

This book dragged along for me and I did not care for it. There was a lot of narration about the decline of newspapers in America that I did not find interesting at all! It was pretty obvious who the killer was early on. The focus was mostly on the investigation into the various murders. I was way more interested in the first book, That Darkness, than this one in spite of its creepiness.
(Karen’s review, 2 stars)

Teaser from pg. 23: Instead their attention rested on a man who hung in midair between that platform and the next lower one, swinging ever so slightly from the end of a thin white rope. The other end of the rope had been attached to the railing the men stood behind.

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