Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Not If I Save You First" by Ally Carter

In Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter, Maddie and Logan are young teen friends.  Logan is the President's son.  Maddie is the daughter of the man who helps keep the President safe.  They get caught up in an incident at the White House that will make this an adventure for both of them.

This is pretty good stuff.  There is good action and I liked Maddie and Logan; plus it has a good ending!
(Gerard's review, 4 stars)

Teaser from page 19:  For a second, the world stood still, and then he pulled the trigger just as Maddie's father jumped between the man and Logan.
   And fired.

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. To find books on a specific topic, scroll to the bottom and click on the topic you want. Happy Reading!

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  1. I just heard about this one and it sounds super fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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