Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comment For Charity

We are very happy to report that we received 224 comments on our all our blogs during February so will donate $112 to The National Children's Cancer Society (50 cents per comment).
The day we first met Abby! (6/20/09)
For March we will again donate 50 cents per comment on all of our blogs but to Canine Lifeline--the organization that rescues dogs from shelters that are scheduled to be put down. They use foster homes to take in the dogs to give them longer to find them good homes. They have saved over 300 dogs throughout Ohio and Kentucky since it started in 2009. This is how we got Abby! She was scheduled to be put down because she was in an overcrowded shelter. She is a wonderful dog and it would have been so sad had Barb, one of the founders of Canine Lifeline, had not rescued her to give her extra time for us to find her.

Visit their website at to donate, see what other dogs are available or provide a foster home. We hope you will comment on all our blogs to help out this charity that is so wonderful!

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