Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Hounded" by David Rosenfelt

The dogs in this book should have had a bigger part, woof!  woof!
Hounded by David Rosenfelt is a murder mystery involving a good cop named Pete charged with murder of a former convict who became an informer for the cops and informed on Pete. The convict was Diaz with an 8-yr-old son, Ricky. Diaz’s wife, Juanita, left. Pete was the cop who called in Diaz’s death and who arranged for his friend, Andy Carpenter and his live-in girlfriend to take in Ricky temporarily. Once Pete was arrested, he hired Andy to be his lawyer. They came to the conclusion that it was a setup, and the majority of the story is figuring out who and why.

The cover with the dog on it is misleading. Andy had a dog and Ricky had a dog, but that is about the extent of the dog’s involvement in the story until the very end. I kept thinking the dog was going to be instrumental in helping Andy solve the case, but no. That never happened. This went pretty fast and is okay. I liked Andy as the lead character; however, the main plot seemed a bit far-fetched.  I enjoyed the subplot with Andy developing a relationship with Ricky but that was only a small part of the book.  I was surprised by the ending but had a hard time keeping track of all the different characters. The actual trial went very fast.
(Karen's review, 3 stars)

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