Monday, June 28, 2010

"Born to Play--My Life In The Game" by Dustin Pedroia with Edward J. Delaney

He’s My Guy!  Being a fanatical Red Sox fan and Dustin being my favorite player made Born to Play--My Life In The Game a no-brainer for me to read.  That being said, I really enjoyed this book a lot!   

Born to Play reads like he plays--all out all the time.  There is lots of inside information about him and how he came to be the Most Valuable Player of the American League.  The two stories about Manny are priceless.  Just a super read!  Let’s go Red Sox!!  Get Well soon, Dustin!!  The Sox need you and we miss seeing #15 out on the diamond!
(Gerard's review)

Since Dustin Pedroia is Gerard's favorite player and he keeps saying how little the guy is, just like him, I felt I wanted to read Born To Play too.  This would be inspirational for short guys wanting to go pro in sports.  He always played hard and gave his all--a good lesson for anyone.  This is all about his love for the game of baseball and how his career developed.  I especially liked the insight into what rookies go through.
(Karen's review 7/9/10)

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