Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Down River" by John Hart

Down River by John Hart is about a rich family torn apart by family secrets and betrayal.  It is about choices, anger, friendship, forgiveness and murder which makes for a very interesting read.  This book got my interest right from the start and kept it all along the way.  I found myself asking "why" quite a bit.  

The main character, Adam, is acquitted after being falsely accused of murder but moves to New York City to put the past behind him and get away from those who still believe he did it, including his father.  After five years, he returns home to try to make things right with his father and help out a friend, but finds his friend dead and goes on a mission to find out who did it.  He also tries to pick up his romantic relationship with Robin, a former cop who is now a detective.  There are a lot of complications and he discovers more truth than he bargained for.  

I liked this book even though near the end I felt completely baffled and confused.  I recommend it to anyone who likes not only a “who done it” but also a “why did they do it.”
(Karen's review 6/18/10)

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