Friday, June 25, 2010

"Donovan's Daughter" by Lori Wick

Donovan's Daughter is a Christian romance set in the 1800s which is the last in the Californians series by Lori Wick.  I hadn't read the previous books but this one is good enough to stand on its own.  Marcail's dream was to be a school teacher in her own classroom.  She moved to Willits on her own to accept her first teaching position. One grandmother of a bratty boy in her class that sat on the school board and ran the town became the "thorn in her side." 

When Marcail's reputation was at stake, Alex, the town doctor who was falling in love with her came to her aid.  All through the book is a Christian theme of sharing the gospel with the people in this town and her relationship with Alex developing into a real marriage.

As usual in Christian fiction, everything turns out perfect in the end.  I enjoyed this book which showed dependence on God throughout and that communication is key in developing trust in a relationship.  It is a light, quick read that has the predictable happy ending.
(Karen's review 7/29/08)

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