Friday, June 25, 2010

A Bride For Donnigan (Women of the West #7) by Janette Oke

I liked A Bride For Donnigan by Janette Oke because both characters were well developed and the plot was unusual about man out west and two of his friends ordering brides from overseas. Three women were matched up with the three men, sight unseen. When the woman arrived, they married right away. It was a fun and interesting read, and revealed the adjustments that were involved in making the marriages work. One did not. Donnigan felt a strong responsibility to teach his children and prepare them for life after death, but had to search the scriptures himself to find out about God and how to get to heaven because there was no church near by. It was a very enjoyable read!
(Karen's review May 2, 2008)

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  1. hi!!! thanks so much for following and I really enjoyed your review. I have read sophie's heart as well as the princess, and loved them. maybe I should review them as well.... I love your blog and will follow it. I'm looking forward to your next posts. God bless you and have a great month :)


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