Friday, June 25, 2010

"The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle was a very interesting but also disturbing memoir about a very strange mother and an alcoholic father raising a family of four and barely scraping by needlessly. Jeannette tells about her childhood from a child's point of view and does an excellent job of communicating the feelings she had towards her parents and their situation. Her dad was a very smart man, but drunk a lot which caused him to have difficulty holding a job and neglected his children. He'd talk about big plans, but did little in handling everyday problems.

The mother was selfish, thinking mostly of just herself, choosing to live in poverty instead of selling land she inherited. She'd rather see her children go without food that get a job. Her priorities were all mixed up.

This was a sad book from the standpoint of the parents being so pathetic. It seemed as though the kids had more sense than they did. Reading her story made me even more grateful for the parents I had and I couldn't help but think that could have very well have been the life my foster sisters and brother may have had if my parents hadn't taken them in. It is disturbing to me that kids actually live in conditions such as in this book.

The author shares many unusual experiences which made for a very interesting book.

(Karen's review 8/10/08)

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  1. By Dancing Grandma on August 10, 2008 22:00:
    I read the Glass Castle a couple of years ago. I agree with your description of the parents. It is true that the children endured endless suffering, but what has stuck with me is the unconditional love of family, hope and will that the children had and continued to have into their adulthood. It is a story of overcoming huge obstacles, finding your own way, surviving and thriving.


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