Saturday, June 26, 2010

"The Reluctant Cowgirl" by Christine Lynxwile

The Reluctant Cowgirl by Christine Lynxwile is a story about following one’s dreams as well as romance.   

Basically the cowgirl leaves home at 18 pursuing a career on Broadway and returns seven years later to help take care of her family’s ranch. This is a Christian Romance that isn’t completely like a fairy tale as most.  My favorite part was when the little girl directed her dad and Crystal acting out “Sleeping Beauty” in the barn.  Although the ending is predictable, I liked it because there is enough tension and reality to keep things interesting.    

The Reluctant Cowgirl addresses grieving, letting go of the past, making tough choices, love of family, and God’s love.  
(Karen's review 8/5/09)

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