Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Love Dare" by Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick

Love Dare is a handbook that I think would benefit any marriage.  After seeing the movie, "Fireproof" I was curious to check out the book that was used in the movie.  

It gives a scriptural basis for 40 practical things to do to strengthen your marriage.  The idea is to do one of the challenges each day and then of course continue to integrate them into your life.  Some I found to be hard, others easy and most we already do.  

I especially liked the 20 questions listed in the back to help me get to know my spouse better and assist me in discovering his needs.  I recommend this to any husband or wife. I think anyone could improve their marriage if they followed the suggestions in this book.  
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(Karen's review 11/16/09)

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  1. The person that defines love isn't the one being loved ,but the person that is choosing to love. A big plus is how the lessons build off the previous. It is a short lesson and can easily be reread. It describes why the days challenge is importantand how it is to be put into practice.
    In the end it is about what you are choosing to do. Even if the person is not a Christian, it has invaluable lessons.


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