Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Ruined" by Amy Tintera

Ruined by Amy Tintera is a quick read because there is action right from the start and it is hard to put down.  This YA fantasy is about Emelina Flores, a ruined, who comes up with quite an elaborate and dangerous plan to free her sister who was captured by Lera after they killed her mother, the Queen.  Her father was killed by the princess of Vallos so Em is out for revenge as well.  She impersonates Princess Mary after killing her off, planning to marry Prince Casimer and take down the royal family of Lera from the inside.  Em is viewed as useless by the Ruineds because she has no magic ability, even though she is very good with a sword.

I loved the humor in this book and the romance that developed between Em and Prince Cas.  I also enjoyed the writing style very much which let the reader know what both Cas and Em were thinking.  There is not a lot of description in this book which is why I think it moves along so quickly.  I liked both Em and Cas and hope they will rule together one day.  I look forward to reading book 2 in this series.
(Karen's review, 5 stars)

In Ruined by Amy Tintera, Emelina Flores has nothing.  Her home has been ravaged by war.  Her parents are both dead and her sister has been taken by the enemy.  With nothing to lose but her own life, Emelina comes up with a plan to find and save her sister.  For this plan to work, Em will have to become part of the enemy.  Can she pull it off?

WOW!  This is good stuff!  The first part of the book put the plan in motion and the second part is when the action starts.  I really liked the character of Em.  This story moved along well and the end had me flipping pages to see how it was going to turn out!  Sign me up for book 2!
(Gerard's review 6/4/16, 5++ stars)

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