Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Windfall" by Jennifer E. Smith is Interesting (We Differ on this one!)

In Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith, Alice and Teddy have a very close friendship. On Teddy’s 18th birthday, Alice, who has a huge crush on him, bought him a lottery ticket with numbers she picked. Teddy won a big payday! Teddy and his mom, who had next to nothing, now can have everything! How will this change Teddy? Will Alice and Teddy’s relationship grow or will it break apart over money?  I enjoyed this book because Alice and Teddy are both great characters and I liked the ending.
(Gerard’s review, 5 stars)

Karen's review:
I didn't care much for Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and quit on it about half way through. It just dragged along for me and I didn't much like any of the main characters. I thought Alice was a fool, Teddy was kind of a jerk and his friend (Leo I think his name was) turned me off because he was gay.  Gerard told me how it ended and I think I might have enjoyed the second half, but just got tired of plowing my way through all the lame conversations.  (1 star)

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