Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"I Know You’ll Find Me (Dangerous Attractions Series) by Jennifer Youngblood

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I Know You’ll Find Me (Dangerous Attractions Series) by Jennifer Youngblood is a fast-paced book with romance and danger. Victoria, a dance instructor, discovers her boyfriend is not the nice guy she thought he was when she goes to tell him she will go with him to the Bahamas but sees something that makes her run away instead! She takes her teenage son and younger daughter with her to Utah and her best friend, Zoe flees to Florida. In Utah she begins to fall in love with a cop named Hudson but can she trust her judgment after a bad marriage and then the criminal boyfriend? She is also afraid her ex-boyfriend will try to find her and kill her so is reluctant to share too much with Hudson.

This was a good book. I liked Victoria and Hudson. It was also a nice touch to include a dog, Coco in this story. It only had a little bit of suspense near the end of the book with the majority of it centering around Victoria and Hudson’s budding romance. (Karen's review, 4 stars)

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