Monday, April 6, 2020

"Her Last Breath" by J. A. Schneider

In Her Last Breath by J. A. Schneider, Mari wakes up in bed in a strange room with a dead man she does not know next to her who has a knife in his chest.  She remembers nothing!  Did she do it or is this a set up?  This book is pretty good.  Mari was a good lead character and I really cared about her.  The story had a good flow and it kept me guessing!  The ending was okay.
(Gerard's review, 5 stars)

Karen's review of 12/29/17:
Her Last Breath by J. A. Schneider is a page-turning murder mystery. Mari, who is separated from her husband, wakes up on a bed in a strange room with blood all over her, her dress torn and next to a dead guy she doesn’t know who has a knife in his chest! To top it off, she has asthma and cannot find her inhaler. While looking for it, she passes out and wakes to another strange man who is trying to save her. The cops arrest her for the guy’s murder because her fingerprints were on the knife. The guy who saved her life is a former cop, currently a construction worker named Jay. Mari’s husband, Ted who is a lawyer, comes to the hospital and volunteers to defend her. Mari gets to the point of being paranoid and not knowing who to trust!

Teaser from page 1: She froze; gasped. Couldn’t take in air seeing his black hair, his chest hidden under a tent of bloodied sheet.

I got hooked on this book right from the start and was surprised with the ending. I did not figure out who the murderer was although it was obvious someone was setting Mari up. I hope to find more books by this author and highly recommend this one if you enjoy a good mystery. She has a series of standalone thrillers with the same cops as are in this one.
(5 stars)

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