Monday, June 25, 2018

"Point Guard" by Mike Lupica

Point Guard by Mike Lupica is about a middle school boys’ basketball team that Cassie tries out for and gets accepted.  She is good friends with Gus, Jack, and Teddy who often hang out and play pickup games together.  Gus is the only one who seems to view having a girl on their team as a problem, even if she is as good as the guys.  The book follows the team’s season and Gus learns how to play with people he doesn’t like and also admits he was wrong about Cassie. 

There is a lot of friendship issues in this book that I doubt boys would care about much.  I think girl basketball players would enjoy this book more than boys.  I thought it was okay but liked others by this author much better.  
(Karen's review, 3 stars)

Teaser from pg. 27:  Gus still wasn't sure if he could explain, even to himself, why he thought Cassie didn't belong, why he didn't want a girl on the team, even if she was his good friend.  He just told himself to focus on being happy that Teddy was in the gym, even as unhappy as he was that Cassie was with him.

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