Friday, July 13, 2018

"Little Shoes" by Pamela Everett (Historical non-fiction)

Little Shoes by Pamela Everett is a true crime story.  Pamela's dad lost two sisters.  He does not talk about this so Pamela decides to look into what became of her dad's sisters.  This book is hard to read because of what it describes, but it is gripping too which makes it hard to put down!  The pacing of this book is well done.  The writing really made me feel like I was right there.  I always enjoy reading about true events that I am not up to speed on, but I can't say I enjoyed this.  However, it is very good and am glad I read it!
(Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

Karen's review:
Little Shoes by Pamela Everett is the true story about how the author researched into her families past to find out what happened back in 1937 to her two aunts that she just learned she had. This is about their murder and the question of whether the guy charged was really the guy who did it. This is a very sad and disturbing book!

The author wrote this to memorialize the three girls who were murdered, two of which her family never spoke of much. I really didn’t enjoy this one because not only was the murder of the three little girls horrible, but then it seemed to me that justice was not even served. I felt the guy who was convicted was really innocent! This book points out pitfalls in our criminal justice system when it comes to wrongful convictions. I found the research extremely interesting about eyewitnesses. The emotions I felt while reading this were sadness and anger. Much of the book moved very slowly for me, but things picked up once the trial got underway. Overall, this book is very unsettling.
(3 stars)

Karen's Teaser from page pg 79: And I thought about the leading cause of wrongful convictions—a problem with police investigations that’s still with us today.
Eyewitness misidentifications have led to 75 percent of the wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence in our country, and many of those mistakes happen early in the process when police are desperately seeking a suspect, just as they were in Inglewood in those frantic days after June 26.

Gerard's Teaser from pg. 16:  She politely fended off reporters' continued questions about whether the girls would have gone with Eddie the Sailor.  She held a hand to her mouth, choking back tears, and told them, "I'm afraid to let myself think what might have happened to them."

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