Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Water from my Heart" by Charles Martin is About Second Chances

Water from My Heart by Charles Martin is about Charlie Finn, a successful gambler and drug dealer who decides to straighten out when he realizes his and his partner's business is negatively affecting his partner's son and young daughter who comes close to death.  He becomes attracted to three women, Shelly, Amanda and Leena but really only falls in love with one.  In Nicaragua, he has quite an adventure!

This book moved along quite slowly; however, I found myself liking and rooting for Charlie to succeed.  Things picked up when he went after Zaul in Nicaragua and met Paulina and Paulo.  I liked the story, but not the writing.  It jumped around in time too much for my taste and I almost gave up on it.  The only thing that kept me reading was knowing Charlie was going to have a change of heart.  The theme can be summed up by the line, "Love with Legs" meaning showing love with your actions.
(Karen's review, 4 stars)

Teaser from page 5:  I was attracted to risk and not attracted to anything resembling hard work that benefited someone other than me.  If you were going to be dumb enough to risk your money in a card game, then I was going to be smart enough to take it from you.

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