Monday, December 14, 2020

"The Holdout" by Graham Moore

In The Holdout by Graham Moore, Maya Seale was a juror on a huge case.  She was the only one who was convinced that "not guilty" was the right verdict.  Now it is ten years later and the media wants to bring back the jury to talk about the case.  When a member of the jury winds up dead in his hotel room, they have a lot to talk about now!  

This is a really good book!  It goes back and forth in time, but I did not have a problem with that.  It has good flow to it and an ending that I did not see coming at all!  (Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

Teaser from page 23:  "It's complicated.  It's a delicate . . . Look, just come to the taping and I'll show everyone--all of us--incontrovertible evidence that Bobby Nock killed Jessica Silver."

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