Saturday, May 8, 2021

"A Matter of Life and Death" by Phillip Margolin

A Matter of Life and Death
by Phillip Margolin is about Robin, a defense attorney who represents two men charged with murder but who she believes to be innocent.  She feels a lot of pressure to not make any mistakes in defending them because their lives are on the line.  

This is a very good murder mystery novel because it's not just one case, but several.  It has lots of unsavory characters and moved along at a good pace.  The investigation was never boring and it had some action as well.  (Karen's review, 5/8/21, 4 stars)

Gerard's review:  

In A Matter of Life and Death by Phillip Margolin, Robin Lockwood is a young attorney who signs on to defend a homeless man charged with murder who she believes was framed.  I enjoyed this book because it went fast and had some good action.  It kept me guessing with lots of characters and the twists mad for good reading.  (5 stars)  


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