Saturday, June 5, 2021

"Stolen Child" by Jane M. Choate

In Stolen Child by Jane M. Choate, Grey's little girl has been taken and he will do anything to get her back!  He understands that he needs help to do this so asks a former FBI agent for help.  The FBI agent is Rachel, but she has issues with this type of case and is not sure she wants to go down this road again.  This is a short book that was okay.  The story moved along well with some action and a good ending.  (Gerard's review, 4 stars)

Karen's review 6/20/21:
Stolen Child by Jane M. Choate is more about the romance that developed between the father of the child and Rachel, the ex-FBI agent, who helps him find her.  I did not care much for this book.  First off, I felt no connection to the child.  The child was never in it until the end.  It also seemed odd to me that the police weren't even trying to solve the case.  There were a lot of failed attempts to kill the father and Rachel.  It just didn't feel believable and even became a bit boring.  I had this one figured out pretty early on.  (3 stars)   

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