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"Forging Silver Into Stars" by Brigid Kemmerer

Forging Silver into Stars
by Brigid Kemmerer is a fantasy book about two kingdoms, loyalty and magic.  Emberfall is led by Rhen and Harper, Syhl Shallow led by Grey and Lia Mara.  Rhen and Grey are brothers, Grey is a magesmith and the people of Syhl Shallow are afraid of his magic so a faction called the Truthbringers is plotting to kill him.  Most of the story is about Jax and Callyn, friends from childhood, who live near woods in Briarlock which is part of Syhl Shallow but a good distance from the palace.  Callyn and her younger sister run a bakery and Jax, a cripple, is a blacksmith who works for his father in a forge near the bakery.  They both owe lots of taxes and are pretty delighted to find an easy way to earn more silvers.  Are they committing treason though?  Can they trust Alek, the one who pays silvers.  Is Tycho, the king's courier, telling the truth?  Does Tycho really care about Jax and does Alek really care about Callyn?  

This seemed slow to me at the start because I was just finished Defend the Dawn which I loved so much I hated to see it end.  This is a story about trust as was Defend the Dawn.  Decisions must be made about which side to take.  Can Jax and Callyn maintain their friendship if they take different sides?  Most of this book is about inner struggles and choosing sides, determining who to trust.  The characters are all interesting and I loved the action in the last quarter of the book.  It was fast-paced and fun seeing how everything was coming to a head.  I could have done without the gay relationship, but enjoyed the book other than that.  I also loved the ending!  I recommend this one to any Brigid Kemmerer fan.  I'm sure there will be more in this series and look forward to them.  (Karen's review, 4 stars)  

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