Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin’ Time host the Friday Fragments linky. It’s just short blurbs from your week that aren’t enough for a whole post by themselves. Here’s ours for this week:

We love the new elephant exhibit at the Cleveland zoo! We'll be posting all about it next week over at our other blog, Right Where We Belong on Tuesday hopefully.

Abby is on the chair, Spunky on the cat tree

Spunky Doodle regurgitated her breakfast in the living room and while I went for a paper towel to clean it up, Abby cleaned it up for me—yuck! She had it all licked up by the time I got back in less than 30 seconds! That is SO gross!

Today is our anniversary of our proposal day. We’ve been married 13 years now. We used to celebrate it, now we just mention it. Happy proposal day, honey!

It was nice being off work Wednesday and Thursday this week. Went to the zoo Wednesday and the Indians game on Thursday. Go Tribe!  It was actually hot, a gorgeous day but sad they lost.  

My husband has worked for 40 years at the same place as of June and they offered to give us an all-expense paid trip to Boston to see a Red Sox game—one of his dreams.  Don't know if he'll actually go yet or not.

Our backyard grass

Our grass looks good now.  Last fall we think skunks were hunting for grubs and tore it all up but Gerard put some Grub-X down and it seems to have worked.  Here's the link about our messed up yard:  Did You Ever Have This Problem?

This is posted late because Blogger was down--oh well. I was frustrated that I couldn't leave comments on other blogs and I couldn't schedule posts on mine. I really like blogging and missed it!

Since Blogger was down this morning, I played Word Womp on Pogo before work this morning and found all the words for a change--that only happened once or twice before.

Why not visit Friday Fragments for more and link some of yours up too.


  1. Your fragments are sweet, and I will never get tired of the sweet surprise of your changing header :)

    Yes--We had grubs in NY--Mr.4444 took care of 'em. Now, we have a critter who's made a huge hole in our yard. GRRRRR

    40 years?! Wow! I hope Gerard takes them up on that offer!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. I forgot to mention that I finished a BOOK this week! It was very good; a memoir called Three Little Words, about a woman who grew up in foster care. I recommend it!

  3. Unknown Mami: Thanks!

    We appreciate your comments. Glad you like our changing header. Wonder what kind of critter is making that big hole in your yard. Maybe it's just a dog? Gerard's still at the same job he had right out of high school. We are not travelers though, especially now that we have a dog and cats. We don't want to leave our dog at a kennel and really don't have any close neighbors or friends that know our pets well enough to stay with our pets for a weekend. Maybe he'll go alone though and meet up with his pen pal who lives in Boston while I stay home with the pets. Maybe we could get them to give us tickets to a Browns game instead.

    Wow, good for you! Sounds like a book I might like. I'll look it up. Thanks for the recommendation!


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