Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Live to Tell" by Lisa Gardner (Updated)

Live To Tell certainly kept my interest.  It focused on Danielle who was the lone survivor when the rest of her family was murdered.  She went to work as a nurse in a Children's Psych ward to help kids who had mental illnesses.  That gave me insight into something I knew absolutely nothing about so found very interesting.  On the other hand, the "spiritual healer" that was into New Age thinking was too goofy for me.  That part of the book made no sense to me but was a core part of the book.  I liked it because it was interesting, but also found it very sad and depressing.  I did liked the ending though but wow, what a journey!  
(Karen's review 5/6/11)

Gerard's review:
Live To Tell by Lisa Gardner is one of her best books yet!  Two families are brutally murdered, one girl hangs herself, a boy has a fixation to kill his mother, and another girl thinks she's a cat!  Is that enough action for you?  I loved that this book was action-packed and moved along quickly.  It had me turning page after page!  I highly recommend you read this one!

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