Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Want To Go Private" by Sarah Darer Littman

Want To Go Private by Sarah Darer Littman tells the story about Abby, a young girl just starting high school.  She is not exactly Miss Popular and goes online to chat with her one true friend and meets someone who calls himself Luke.  She gets way too caught up with this guy and trouble starts.  

WOW!  Did I love this book!  I read it in just a day and a half even though I work full-time.  I especially liked the way the author gets the views across of the other people in Abby’s life.  It’s a definite page turner and a must read for teen girls and their parents!    A double-Wow book for sure!  I LOVED IT and highly recommend it!
(Gerard's review)

Karen's review:
Want To Go Private by Sarah Darer Littman is a fantastic book for parents and teens. Even though I am neither, I liked it too! It is a fast read that shows how teenage girls are easily manipulated by online predators through the story of Abby, a 14-yr.-old girl just starting high school, who willingly ran away with a guy she met in an online chat.

I liked Abby at the beginning, but then thought, “How can she be so stupid?” Through the therapist, the author explains that there is a difference between academic intelligence and emotional intelligence. The predators act like they care by listening and agreeing with whatever the girls say as they “blow off steam” and thus get their trust which they take their time building for months. Then, when the girl has a fight with her parents, the predator suggests that they meet and boom! Emotional intelligence develops with maturity so young teens can easily be deceived.

By reading this book, teens should be able to spot some “red flags” that could prevent them from becoming a victim like Abby did. Parents can get some tips that could help them monitor what their children are doing online, such as not letting them have access to a computer or laptop in their bedrooms for one thing. I agree with Gerard, this is a “must read” for teens . . . and their parents!

Tips Found In This Book:

1) Only chat with people you actually know.

2) Parents should not allow kids to have a computer/laptop in their bedrooms.

3) Parents should have a list of the websites and log-ins/passwords their children use.

4) If someone asks you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it!

5) To overcome stage fright, focus on only one person in the audience and talk to them.

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. I have a copy of this book. I really want to read it now! Great review.

  2. Yes, I read this a couple of months ago and really liked it, too. I love your list. It's definitely a very informative book. I think I'll have my daughters read it when they're older.

  3. By the way, I just noticed that your charity is Best Friends. That's one of my FAVORITE animal charities. Thank you for including them!

  4. Really enjoyed dude !!! This is the first time visiting ur blog and was impressed much.Cant go without leaving the comment.Cheers !!


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