Friday, November 18, 2011

"The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks is a combination of a love story and a thriller with a dog thrown in.  The main character is Julie, a young widow who works at a salon and finally decides to date four years after her husband died.  Her husband, Jim, left her a letter and arranged for her to get a Great Dane puppy in the event of his death which I thought was a pretty neat idea.  The dog was his way of watching out for her.  After the Prologue, this book poked along for me until about half way through when the psycho stalks her and she realizes she is in danger.  I liked "The Guardian" because of the dog involved watching out for Julie.  Gerard read this a long time ago and liked it too.  He said I should read it and I finally got to it and am glad I did!

The ending was pretty intense but I didn't like that the dog died.  I think Julie should have went for the gun when her dog grabbed the guys arm instead of letting him shoot her dog.  I get that the dog was like a guardian angel and once Richard was dead, she'd have Mike and live happily ever after and the dog's "job" was done.  I just think the dog could have lived too--I would have liked that ending better.

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. I love Nicholas Sparks, but I don't think I read this one yet. I think it's still in my TBR.

  2. Hi Karen and Gerard,

    I was about to echo the comment left by Yvonne, but I just realised that, like Gerard, I have already read this book some time ago.

    I have read a couple of Nicholas Sparks other books and love his style of great descriptive writing, together with his always excellent character profiles.

    I love the idea that you donate to charity for every comment, gives a genuine satisfaction for leaving a worthwhile comment.

    Have a fantastic weekend.



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