Friday, April 13, 2012

"Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson

Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson tells the true story of an amazing recovery by Stephanie. She and her husband were in a Fiery plane crash. Stephanie was burned over 80% of her body! What she had to go through was remarkable, but with the help of her family, her faith in God and the love of her children, she made it all the way back! What an inspirational and amazing read this is!
(Gerard's review)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. Happy Reading!

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  1. This book, really Stephanie and her strength, made me want to be a better wife, mother, and all around person. As I read, I grew to appreciate my able body and the small things it can accomplish that may not be so small, that I take for granted. It made me realize the importance of staying focused on the things in life that really matter. Yesterday I happily went about cleaning my house, feeding my children, and caring for their needs. As I accomplished these things I tried to appreciate the ability I have to fold my family's laundry, clean up spills, change diapers. I also tried to celebrate in the quiet moments between me and my children and my husband and I. In one profound quote she says, "Months earlier I had been changing diapers and now I was wearing them. This confirmed everything I'd felt about my lost abilities. I wasn't fit to care for my children as I was nothing more than a child myself. The sense of independence I considered part of my character was gone. I wasn't just asking people for help here and there because I was worn out from a long day' I was completely dependent on them for not just my comfort but my survival. The thought that I could do nothing for myself, not even go to the bathroom, haunted me and I swore I'd get strong enough to do it on my own."


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