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"Pivot Point" by Kasie West (YA Paranormal Contemporary Fiction)--UPDATED 2/25/14

A Fun YA Read
Pivot Point by Kasie West is a YA novel about a group of young teens with special abilities.  One of them is able to see into the future and see what the outcome of choices would be.  I enjoyed the young girl who was the main character very much.  The first part of the book was very teenish but the second part that dealt with the main story about her dad I enjoyed.  Worth your time, glad I stuck with it.
(Gerard's review 2/25/14, 4 stars)

Pivot Point by Kasie West is a fun teen read that combines normal and paranormal in our modern world. Ever think it would be cool when you had a big decision to make, to be able to see into the future to see what would happen for both choices? That is exactly the super “ability” Addie has and uses when her parents announce they are getting a divorce and it’s up to her to choose which one she wants to live with. Her mom is staying in the compound where other people live who have some paranormal abilities, but her dad is going to live with the “normal” and work for the FBI using his amazing power of lie detection. After doing a search of both possible choices, Addie finds she is screwed (having to choose a bad path to avoid a worse one).

This is a light, fun teen romance with super powers involved. Although the book is a lot of nonsense, it is an entertaining and somewhat amusing read. I especially liked Trevor, Addie’s “boyfriend” in the normal world but liked the high school football parts as well. I found it especially interesting that the normal football was much more interesting than the parafootball. This book goes to show that we are better off without the super powers and that nothing is wrong with being normal.
(Karen's review 4/4/13)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. Happy Reading!

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  1. I've not read it, but I'm more onto the all-action type of books. Thanks for your visit to be blog earlier!


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