Friday, October 25, 2013

"To Sing Frogs" by John M. Simmons (UPDATED)

A Happy Memoir
Updated 10/25/13:

To Sing Frogs by John M. Simmons is an interesting read on so many levels.  First of all, it is a true story of a Mormon couple who had three boys of their own, but who adopt a special needs boy (Jack) and later three girls and one boy from Russia.  It was amazing at how many hoops they had to jump through and all the delays.  In spite of the author being a cynic who really doesn't believe God cares or is involved in our lives, the answered prayers of the three little orphans from Russia seems to at least make him wonder.

I'm glad I took the time to read To Sing Frogs in spite of the dumb title.  This book is so well written that I felt the father's frustrations and the joy of the girls who were adopted.  I loved the author's sarcasm throughout the book and how the orphans' prayers were answered in spite of the odds.  I think anyone considering an international adoption or interested in orphanages or Russia would enjoy this book.  It's different from any other book I've read.     
(Karen's review)

To Sing Frogs by John M. Simmons is a memoir about family, friends, life, and other things that don't make sense.   It is about a couple who adopt four children from Russia.  The best parts of the book were: 

(1)  all the red tape and the various hurdles the couple had to go through to get the children to be part of their family;

(2)  the kids, the joy they felt that somebody wanted them and then the trials of coming to America and not knowing the language and the customs; and

(3)  how the couple wished that they were able to take a lot more kids in.

This is a feel good book that I think you would enjoy reading!  There is no big "wow" factor, but a happy, heartwarming ending.  I liked the pictures in the book too!
(Gerard's review, rating 5 stars)

Note:  We received an advance review copy of this book but that did not affect our reviews.
All proceeds from the sale of To Sing Frogs will benefit the Ele Lembra Foundation charity and with your assistance, we'll be raising awareness on the benefits of adoption.

Happy Reading!

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