Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Unfinished Symphony" by V. C. Andrews

Unfinished Symphony by V. C. Andrews is the third book of the Logan Family series focusing on Melody actually discovering who her real father is and tracking down her mother in Hollywood.  More and more family secrets come to light as Melody continues to snoop around and ask lots of questions.  This book has some humor, adventure and romance as her love for Cary grows.  I liked being exposed to all kinds of lifestyles through Melody’s experiences of living with all different people in different places.  She posed nude for an artist, had pre-marital sex with her boyfriend but drew the line when it came time to be in a porn film and was embarrassed when she discovered she was wearing a see-through swim suit at the pool.  Melody and Grandma Olivia’s relationship gets even more interesting in this book with Melody’s lessons on etiquette providing some humor into the story.  As the Olivia tries to groom Melody to take over the running of the family, Melody humors her and they form a sort of truce, until the shocking ending.
I am enjoying this family saga series very much and will continue to the next sequel, Music in the Night.  This book raises issues of identity, destiny, grief and if one can rise above their past and the sins of their parents.  I highly recommend this series.
(Karen's review)

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