Sunday, November 17, 2013

"The First 90 Days of Marriage" by Eric and Leslie Ludy

I got The First 90 Days of Marriage--Building the Foundation of a Lifetime by Eric and Leslie Ludy because I thought it might be a good wedding gift but wanted to read it first.  It is based on Biblical principles and much of the advice is plain common sense.  However, even after being married 16 years, I did find some of it to be helpful.  The basic theme of the book is to be the best wife or the best husband ever by treating your spouse like a prince or princess every day.  (I wondered why not as a king or queen.)  The idea is that a man and wife become a team.  One of the most helpful suggestions in my opinion was to compare individual priorities and come up with priorities as a couple.  I think it would make a fine wedding gift.
(Karen's review)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. Happy Reading!

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  1. Interesting concept, treating your spouse like a prince or princess but I like it.

    Thanks for sharing.


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