Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where Does Gerard Find All His Good Books?

Since we frequently get comments about Gerard's unusual books that are so intriguing, he is letting you in on his secret of where he finds his good books.  He looks for the book recommendations in PEOPLE magazine and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.  That is pretty much it.  He loves reading new books rather than old ones.

He copies down the titles that peek his interest and then proceeds to go on the computer and order them from the library.  He usually has to wait to get them because there is a waiting list for more popular books, but it works out well. 

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  1. So THAT's how he does it. I don't read either of those magazines and, frankly, am surprised they even have book sections. Awesome! Oprah magazine is another good place to find recommendations. Also, my library carries a free monthly newspaper called BookPage that has really good ones in it.


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