Sunday, August 24, 2014

"A Dog Named Slugger" by Leigh Brill is a Must Read for Dog Lovers! (UPDATED)

A Dog Named Slugger by Leigh Brill is the true story of Leigh and her service dog, Slugger. Leigh needs Slugger because she has Cerebral Palsy. This book tells of the special heartwarming bond they formed with some really great stories and funny moments too! It’s a must read for dog lovers. Loved it!
(Gerard's revuew5++ stars)

A Dog Named Slugger by Leigh Brill is a wonderful book that shows how service dogs can help people with disabilities other than blindness.  This was new to me so I really enjoyed reading about the bond between Leigh and her dogs Slugger and Kenda.  Leigh has Cerebral Palsy and the parts where she shares her struggles before Slugger came into her life are sad.  I really felt bad for her, but overall, this book is uplifting.  For this type of book, I'm giving it 5 stars.  I was not disappointed in it because Slugger is a big part of it and I learned more about service dogs than I knew before I read it. 
(Karen's review, 5 stars) 

Have you read this one? What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. Happy Reading!


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