Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Frost Blood" by Elly Blake (Updated)

Frost Blood by Elly Blake is a teen fantasy involving some people with special powers called Frostbloods and Firebloods. Frostbloods like all things cold and can create ice and cold as opposed to the Firebloods who like things warm and can create fire and heat. Although they are mortal enemies, Arcus and Ruby join together to destroy the curse behind the throne of the King Frost Blood. Ruby, the main character, is a 17-yr.-old girl who was brought up to hide her gift so must be trained to develop it. She is believed to be the special Fireblood who will be able to destroy the curse behind the throne. There is lots of action with some surprises in the turn of events!

This book kept my interest from the start and I especially liked the parts of Ruby at the Abby and her fighting the King’s champions in the arena. Although the magic involved in this book around Manix was a bit confusing to me, and the writing was not that great, I thought it good enough to continue on with this series. The relationship between Ruby and Arcus that develops didn’t really grab me but maybe that will become more interesting in the next book. I am giving this 3 stars because there are other “super power” series I’ve enjoyed much more.
(Karen's review 2-8-17, 3 stars)

In Frost Blood by Elly Blake, Ruby has power but her mom forbids her to use it!  But when her mom is killed and Ruby is put in prison, she yearns for revenge and to use her power.  Later some men come and help her escape.  She is in a safe house where she is told that she must destroy the throne and kill the king or all is lost!  Does Ruby have the power and the will to do it?

I thought this book was really good!  There is plenty of action and the writing is really good!  Ruby is a great character!  Can't wait for book 2!
(Gerard's review 1-21-17, 5++ stars)

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