Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Teasers


She's charming, smart, gracious, beautiful; and though she's seen her share of sadness, she tries to be joyful.  So how did this magical woman fall for someone the likes of Clarkson Schreave?
From page 6--An Introduction to the Queen of Happily Ever After (Companion to the Selection Series) by Kiera Cass.

Being able to pull up a verse in the middle of a totally different activity is more important than saying it 10 times, one after another.  You memorize when you practice recalling, not when you repeat.
From page 17 of Hiding the Word in My Heart--Fun Ways to Memorize the Scriptures by Tina Houser.

Joseph Scriven (1819-1896), writer of the much-loved hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," knew the pain of heartache and loneliness.  His bride-to-be drowned the evening before their wedding.
From page 14 of Tune My Heart to Sing--90 Devotions on Hymns from Our Daily Bread.


Manfred groans and sinks down on his haunches.  I lean forward, taking in the macabre scene.  Letting it in--that's important.
From page 10 of The Ice Beneath Her by Camilla Grebe.

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by The Purple Booker.   Anyone can play along, so I thought  I  would play for fun! Just pick two sentences from the book you are reading.  Happy Reading!


  1. The one from Happily Ever After is my favorite.

  2. Good ones. I especially liked the one for The Ice Beneath Her.

    My TT from Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters

  3. The Ice Beneath Her caught my attention too.
    sherry @ fundinmental My TT

  4. The one for The Ice Beneath Her sounds very intriguing. I hope you enjoy it!

    My teaser for the week.

    1. Gerard says this one was the best he's read in February so far! Thought it was fantastic!

  5. Good teasers. I especially liked the first one. My Teaser

  6. I've got The Ice Beneath her on the stacks. Almost used it today too.

  7. Interesting variety of teasers. This week my teaser comes from I See You by Clare Mackintosh. Happy reading!


Thanks for commenting and happy reading!

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