Tuesday, March 19, 2019

"Convenient Lies" by Robin Patchen

Convenient Lies by Robin Patchen is book one in the Hidden Truth series. This is a page-turner thriller about Rae, a journalist, who discovers Julian, her husband, is a terrorist who already has a wife! But then, Rae had secrets from him as well. She decides to leave Julien with their 12-day-old son and go back to her grandma’s to get some gold coins her dad told her he hid for her, then disappear with her grandma. She stole some of her husband’s files for insurance, leaving him a note in the hopes that he would let her leave in exchange for her silence about his selling weapons to terrorists. She is thrown for a loop though when her plan unravels. Will she be able to keep her son safe and not let him be raised by a terrorist? Will she be able to start a new life? Will her old flame be able to win her back and build a life together? Will Julien track her down and what will he do when he finds her?

This is a good thriller because it mixed the terrorist with family life and brought out how complicated relationships can get. I enjoyed the story line and thought Julien was a very interesting character. I also liked Brady, Rae’s old flame and was pulling for him to find a way to protect her and get back together with her. I plan to continue with this series.
(Karen’s review, 5 stars)

Teaser from page 1: There were only two people Rachel Adams trusted. One was twelve days old, and the other had mysteriously quit answering her phone.

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