Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"the night Olivia fell" by Christina McDonald

the night olivia fell by Christina McDonald is about a mom's worst nightmare--A call in the middle of the night saying her pregnant daughter was found lying under a bridge--brain dead!  Was she pushed or did she jump on her own?  Who is the father?

I thought this book was really good!  It is told by Olivia, the daughter and Abi, the mom, who wants to find out what happened, and why.  Try to get your own answers.  I am guessing you will be wrong like I was!
(Gerard's review, 5++ stars)  

Karen's review:
the night olivia fell by Christina McDonald is about a teen girl, Olivia, who met an early death before her mother even knew she was pregnant. This novel is told from alternating perspectives of the mother, Abi, and the daughter, Olivia The mother hid a secret from Olivia for years and when Olivia discovered what it was, she was on a personal secret mission. Although the police said her death was accidental, the mother went on a personal mission of her own to find out details and exactly what happened. Olivia was declared brain dead but was kept on life support in the hopes of saving her baby. Was it an accident or did someone push her off that bridge? Will the baby survive? Who is the father?

I thought the story was pretty good but I did not really care much for Olivia because of the way she treated her mother and her boyfriend, Tyler. This was written in a way that I found sort of annoying, the book jumping back and forth from the present to the past. I was a bit surprised at the ending of who her death actually happened. I liked the mother, Abi, and give her credit for pursuing the truth about her daughter’s death. (4 stars)

Teaser from page 46:  I remember looking at Olivia in the fading evening light and feeling like I didn't know her anymore.  I knew then that something had been shaken loose, something I had no power to put back together. . . .

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