Wednesday, June 14, 2023

"Stay" by Bobbie Pyron Inspires Children to Help Others

Stay by Bobbie Pyron is about a family that has to live in a homeless shelter and a woman who lives on the street with only her small dog to keep her company.  It also shows how people can rally around for a good cause and help others who are going through hard times.  I especially loved the parts where the dog tells the story. (Gerard's review, 5+ stars)

Stay by Bobbie Pyron is a heartwarming, children's story about a girl, Piper, who is homeless but whose heart is set on helping someone worse off than her--an old homeless lady with a little dog, Baby.  I really enjoyed this book about the homeless, friendship, adventure, and helping others.  The dog had a big part in it and it has a good lesson about not judging others on the basis of their appearance.  I think it's a great children's story and highly recommend it.  I had trouble putting this one down!  (Karen's review 6/12/23, 5 stars)

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