Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Club: "The Secret Life Of CeeCee Wilkes" Chapters 11-20

Okay, I felt sorry for CeeCee when Genevieve went into labor and died but more sorry for Genevieve and her husband.  

I was glad CeeCee at least did not kill the baby and wanted to return it to the Governor, its father.  However, I do not understand why she didn't go through with her plan and leave it in the police car outside of the mansion.  After all, the car door was open when the alarm sounded so she could easily have just left the baby in the back seat before running away as easily as carrying it with her.  Apparently, when it came down to it, she wanted to keep the baby as her own.  This was her biggest mistake in my opinion.
Once CeeCee realized she really made a huge mistake, she should have gone right up to the front door of the mansion, asked to speak privately to the governor and told him the whole truth and let the pieces fall where they may.  That is what I would have done.  But then, the book would not have been near as good!

I really feel sorry for Governor Russell, more than for CeeCee.  His wife was kidnapped, died in childbirth without him there for her and he doesn't even know it.  His child was born and is with a 16-yr. old girl on the run with a fake birth certificate!  How awful!  

I like CeeCee but she is very stupid.  I wish she would start making better decisions and forget about Tim.  Since he has not come back, she should realize that the Governor did not give in to his demands.  Even Genevieve warned her that Tim was a womanizer because she had him in one of her classes and knew him.

This book is so good, a real page-turner! 
If you would like to get in on this online book club, you could easily catch up.  The chapters are short and the book is hard to put down. Stop over at Book Beginnings and Bookends to see what others think.


  1. I agree...I felt more sorry for the Governor than CeeCee! She was crazy not to leave the baby and even more crazy to think she can raise her on her own.

  2. So glad you're playing along :)

  3. It's funny how you mentioned that if she just gave up the baby, then the book would not be interesting. Very true. I guess bad decisions make good fiction.

  4. I loved reading your response, you have a good point about if CeeCee had turned the baby over to the governor, it would have made for a pretty short and boring book.


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