Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Obsessive Obsession" by Toye Brown

I recently learned that one of my co-workers also published a book, Obsessive Obsession, through Outskirts Press so we exchanged books.  Obsessive Obsession is Toye Brown’s first book.   It is a romantic suspense novel that starts slow but picks up speed as it goes.  It is about the love lives of a wealthy minister’s four daughters, Toni, Nayla, Belle and Tina, who find love with good men.  The suspense comes when someone tries to extort money from the family and puts all of them in danger.  Instead of reporting it to the authorities, the women and their boyfriend detectives and husbands work together to solve it on their own.  Although the women were raised in a Christian family, they depart from their Christian upbringing when they become romantically involved.         

I liked the story line showing how the family supported one another and worked together to get to the bottom of the mystery of who was doing the stalking and trying to destroy them.  Of the couples, I liked Nayla and Ben the best.  My favorite line was when Tina said to Nayla, “Oh my god, Nayla, you are a walking disaster waiting to happen.”  I would classify this as a light humorous suspense romance with a sweet happy ending. 

It has some bad language and the couples calling each other “baby” all the time got on my nerves.  I had a hard time at the beginning keeping all the characters straight so appreciated the list of characters in the Prologue which I found myself referring back to quite often.  It was very helpful.  If you are looking for great literature, this isn’t it. However, if you can overlook a lot of spelling errors, and let yourself enjoy the story, it’s worth your while.  
(Karen's Review) 
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