Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Club: “The Secret Life Of CeeCee Wilkes” Chapters 21-35

I was happy to see CeeCee finally realize that Tim was just using her and is a liar and a creep.  I am surprised that Tim still is sending her money for Cory—assuming it is Tim.  She does seem to really love Cory and I understand her being so protective of her.  Jack seems like a nice guy and is very good with Cory, except when he sang that funny song about the raccoon which made her afraid of yet something else on her girl scout camping trip.  I thought that was funny!  I loved the fun Cory-Dory bag he brought over when he first got to meet Cory.  These were pretty happy times chapters.  

I had very protective parents too and sometimes, I feel as though my reluctance to travel and to even drive on Interstates is because my dad never liked them and always said he would never, ever go on a plane.  I grew up in a pretty sheltered environment so I do believe a lot of Cory's fears stem from Eve.  Still, I can't blame Eve for be so protective of her and hope Cory will understand that one day.    
Jack and CeeCee got married, he teaches drama at the university and CeeCee got her degree in Psychology and is a counselor.  They bought their own home and now have a child of their own.  Sadly, CeeCee (now Eve) lied about Cory being hers so didn’t want Jack going with her to her doctor appointments because she was afraid someone would say something about this being her first pregnancy.  At least she left out being honest in her wedding vows but I think it was extremely selfish of her to marry someone without letting him know what he’s getting into with all her secrets.    
I still think it is very wrong of her to deny Cory her biological father and not even tell her about him, especially when Cory started asking questions about her father. 
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  1. I loved the Cory-Dory bag too!!

  2. I thought it was strange that she didn't try to tell Cory more about her "made up" father. She had to have known that Cory would one day ask about him. The poor little girl just wanted to know about her Dad, and her mom couldn't even come up with a good story. That part made me feel so bad for Cory! And, I agree. I love the Cory Dory bag! :)

  3. I had overprotective parents too, so I completely agree that Eve is responsible for Cory's fears.

    Also, I agree that she should have told Jack about her secrets before entering into a marriage. I don't think I could sleep at night if I were hiding that much from my spouse.


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